Plasma Discharge Systems and Vacuum Technologies

Vacuum Technology


Thin Film Deposition system

Its main line of business is to design, build and deliver state of the art, ultra high vacuum multi-chamber PECVD/sputtering/Hot Wire CVD systems, arranged in a cluster tool configuration and specifically designed for the thin film semiconductor market. Other products are I-V solar simulator testing stations.

As part of the system sale, it specifically guarantees state of the art opto-electronic properties of thin film semiconductors such as amorphous silicon, dielectrics such as Silicon Nitride and electronic device performance for solar cells, thin film transistor (for displays) and image sensors.

The company also provides R and D contract services, consultancy, thin film materials and devices.

Fabrication of state of the art amorphous silicon, nano- (or micro-) crystalline Silicon, ITO, ZnO and metals.
Substrate size: 30cm x 40cm or larger.
Process modules:

      • PECVD. Allows VHF and pulsed plasma with modulation.
      • Sputtering (ITO, ZnO, metals)- oscillation during deposition. Uses rectangular cathodes.
      • Park Station with heat capability.
      • ITZ houses the robotic arm which works on a “pick and place” principle.
      • Load Lock with an elevator and cassette housing multiple substrates with carriers.
      • Independently controlled process modules. Allows simultaneous depositions in all chambers.
      • Computer controlled with data logging.
      • Co-joining of cluster tools allows expansion and higher throughput.

        View a movie of our robotic arm in action 


Silicon Nitride Coating system

  • High Throughput Silicon Nitride Coating System for Multi-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells.
  • Load Lock Entry with rapid heating.
  • Multiple PECVD zones.
  • Load Lock exit with cooling.
  • Modular system-throughput in the range of 200-475 wafers per hour.





Electron Beam Evaporation system

In addition to the following systems:

Vacuum Chambers


Rotary Pumps

Machinable Glass Ceramic MGC (MACOR)

Special Properties

  • Odorless, opaque white material
  • Machinable glass ceramic
  • High temperature resistance
  • Non-porous
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Non outgassing
  • Good insulator

Typical Applications

  • Flight and Aerospace Applications
  • Substrates for Field Ion Microscopes
  • Ultra High Vacuum Applications
  • Medical Applications
  • High Temperature Applications
  • High Precision Applications