Power Supply

Power Supplies

CDX Series Dual Frequency
RF Generators

The CDX dual frequency RF generator comes in a 1000 or 2000 watt design. The high frequency (HF) section of the CDX provides 600 or 1000 watts of power, with optional frequencies from 2 to 60 MHz. The low frequency (LF) section can deliver 600 or 1000 watts, with optional fixed or variable frequencies ranging from 20 kHz to 2 MHz.

This solid-state generator is ideal for plasma applications including bias, etch, deposition and ashing.

5 kW-30 kW DC Power Supply


    Extremely compact due to 100kHz MOS / IGBT technology
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current mode
  • Optional Analog Programming 0-5 or 0-10VDC
  • Optional Computer Interface IEEE 488 and/or RS 232, 12 Bit
  • Up to 94% efficiency at full load
  • Standard Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) mode
  • Optional Constant Power (CP) and Constant Resistance (impedance) mode
  • Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over-Temperature and Over power protection
  • Digital display of all system parameters
  • Very fast voltage drop compensation response time on load lines
  • Forced air cooling (front to back)
RF Plasma Amplifier and Generator

Plasma Amplifier Generator.
AG 1013 RF RF Plasma Amplifier Generator has 1000 Watts RF Power at 13.56 MHz for Industrial and Laboratory Applications.
Generator Model AG 1013 is a robust source of RF power for laser modulation, plasma generation, general laboratory and general industrial applications.
Featuring leading edge solid state design for all generator stages and a built-in DDS signal source,
it provides everything for a complete and reliable, controlled RF power delivery system.
It reflects the our ongoing commitment to provide RF power products of the highest
quality, incorporating the current requirements for complete remote control and data acquisition.
The Forced-air cooling system and the internal power supply are designed to permit
operation over a wide range of temperature and global AC line conditions.
The AG 1013 is built to withstand a +13 dBm (2.8Vp-p) Input signal.
The unit amplifies the inputs of AM, narrow band FM and pulse modulations.

  • 13.3 MHz to 13.8 MHz up to greater than
    1000 Watts
  • Low harmonic level at 1,000W h2£ -40 dBc,
    h3 and higher < -55 dBc
  • Digital Meter, measures forward, reflected,
    and load power simultaneously.
  • Front Panel Control of Generator and
    Amplifier functions.
  • Data acquisition: Status Monitoring & Power Measurement at Analog Port
  • Optional RS232 communication:
    Full Control Of Generator/Amplifier Functions
  • AGC Power Leveling: Output Power Control to better than ± 3 W of set value.
  • Burst & Sweeping with custom defined settings.

Solid State Power Supplies for Plastic Welding

Coaxial Power Systems Ltd are a manufacturer of Solid State and Hybrid RF Generators and associated equipment. Our experience gained over some 20 years is solely in 50Ω, crystal controlled, 13.56MHz plus frequency technology. All our power supplies are CE approved and conform to IEC215, EN50081-2 and EN50082-2 standards

With the greater emphasis being placed on Health and Safety in the work place, the time is rapidly approaching when outdated R.F. power supplies, many designed more than 40 years ago, will have to be replaced. Indeed there may be a cost saving by installing a modern, state of the art generator, with a 12 month warranty on parts and labour, instead putting up with increasingly common breakdowns and having to source out of date parts.

Coaxial Power Systems Ltd offer three approaches to installing replacement power supplies:

  • Option 1: Install a completely freestanding power supply/matching network and control unit which links to your existing weld head with coaxial cables.
  • Option 2: Install the power supply/matching network inside the existing generator cavity space with the control panel on the machine facia.
  • Option 3: Install the matching network in the existing cavity space with the control panel on the machine fascia but have the generator in a remote location.

All types of installation have at least the following information on the control panel:

  • Forward Power
  • Reflected Power
  • Interlock Status
  • Tune Capacitor Position
  • >Load Capacitor Position
  • Line On/Off
  • Power Set
  • Ramp Time Set
  • Weld Counter
  • Weld Time Set

All power supplies up to 3kW are air-cooled. Generator ratings are the amount of power actually being put into the weld – not the input power to the power supply!

DC Power supplies

 Power supply family Power supply type range Principle Maximum & Minimum ratings for each power supply type range
V min
V max
I min
I max
P min
P max
E min
E max
  • Low voltage power supplies
    (floating output)
NTN 6.5 350 0.5 4000 35 100000
NYN 12.5 350 20 4000 7000 100000
NCN 32 55 22,5 180 1250 5000
  • Autoranging power supplies
    (float. outp. for < 3000 V)
NCA 55 55 40 160 750 3000
MCA 150 3000 0.75 180 750 9000
  • Medium voltage power supplies
    (floating output)
MCP 125 2000 0.006 20 14 4200
MYN 650 2000 3 100 7000 70000
  • High voltage power supplies
HCP 3500 150000 0.0005 1.2 14 4200
HCH 650 200000 0.0015 75 350 50000
HYN 3500 20000 0.3 20 7000 70000
  • High voltage cassette power supplies
HCE 125 35000 0.0002 2.5 7 350
HCN 7E 125 35000 0.0002 0.05 7 7
  • Capacitor charging, high voltage, power supplies
HCK 2000 65000 0.003 20 100 20000
  • Superconductor power supplies
NTS 65 10000
  • Linear power supplies Bipolar & Unipolar,
    High voltage bipolar power supplies
(linear with unipolar output)
6.5 500 0.06 120 35 1400
(linear with bipolar output)
± 6.5 ± 350 ± 0.1 ± 120 35 1400
(High voltage bipolar output – capable of continuous zero crossing)
± 1250 ± 20000 ± 0.001 ± 0.01 1.4 200
  • Custom power supplies
Typical examples To customer specification. Please contact us with details of your application
Note:Computer interfaces of our PROBUS V system and/or analog programming options are available for all FuG power supplies (built-in or as add-on).

For further information, please contact us so that we can give you an exact specification for the power system to meet your needs.