Manufacturing Services

Wide rage manufacturing and production services

Machining is a technical and detail-oriented process in which material is cut into a final shape and size to create parts, tools, and instruments. Machining is typically used to shape metals, though it can also be used on a variety of other raw materials. Machine shops utilize equipment and tools like mills, lathes, and drill presses to cut material and 3D printers to add material.

We are in the center of one of the biggest industrial zone in our country, which contains more than 17,000 manufacturing companies.

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CNC Machining Operations

CNC machining process includes the following machining operations: CNC Milling CNC Turning CNC Drilling

Laser Cutting

Industrial laser micromachining tools and research laser micromachining systems

Very High Sensitive Welding Processes
All Types of CNC Machines are available

3D Printing Services

Industrial Digitalization and IoT services